After far too long spent thinking about it, I’ve finally taken the plunge and made a blog. It’s one of my (many) resolutions, and as you’ll quickly come to know, I am nothing if not ambitious. Ideally, I’ll be posting here every Monday and sharing tips, tricks, and stories about my journey through the writing & querying trenches.

First up, I thought I’d share the list of my bookish resolutions.

  • Query LUCID
  • Finish a polished draft of my YA Fantasy WIP, currently titled STARGAZER
  • Write a rough draft of my YA Fantasy WIP, currently known as the Witchy Royal Murder Book
  • Write an outline of my YA Contemporary
  • Blog once per week
  • Read 50 books
  • Prioritize reading more diversely
  • Prioritize reading more adult SFF

It’s a big list, but I can’t wait to tackle it in 2019. What are your bookish resolutions? I’d love to cheer you on.

TJ Duckworth
TJ Duckworth is an aspiring YA author from Durham, North Carolina. She is currently querying her most recent novel, LUCID, a YA Historical Fantasy about a Gilded Age family with the power to manipulate others’ dreams.

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  1. My biggest resolution this year is to start and finish a new manuscript! I’m so impressed (and a little bit jealous) that you can write so many different genres, but I’m cheering you on to outline your YA contemporary and also just putting out there that I’m here if you get to writing it and ever need a beta-reader haha. Ditto for the Witchy Royal Murder book, which sounds amazing. I will be right along with you in the query trenches this 2019, so I’ll be hoping for a fabulous year for the both of us!

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